What is WiredScore and Why We're Adamant About It

As dependability on wireless technology continues to grow, so must the reliability of the technological infrastructure. In a world where modern businesses require constant and steadfast connections, innovative and forward thinking landlords and building owners present substantial appeal and value to prospective tenants. In fact, in a world where the internet is almost constantly available at the tip of one’s fingertips, even the once echoed real estate mantra, “location, location, location” no longer holds the weight it once used to. Unless you’re operating a walk-in business that flourishes on spontaneous and emotional impulse purchases, connectivity is arguably as valuable and important as the old real estate mantra...location, location, location.

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Kenzie Gallagher
Pace of Innovation and Office Needs

Over a relatively short period of time, artificial intelligence and complementary technologies once thought of as only possible on “The Jetsons,” have become commonplace in our modern office environment.  These major leaps in technological advancement have made our workplaces more efficient, connected, and even environmentally friendly in some cases. However, such advanced systems require clear and fast channels of data transmission to work at optimal levels.

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