Natural Beauty in the Heart of DTLA

Our team at Rising Realty Partners was honored to watch the grand opening of Pitchoun! Bakery & Café last Friday. Our newest restaurant at PacMutual brings a piece of France to DTLA. What was also special for our team was to see the bright orange furniture accent the tallest live green wall in Los Angeles.



It has been almost three years since our team envisioned bringing a piece of living artwork to cover an odd 1980’s addition of a fire exit. We were inspired by the French landscape architect, Patrick Blanc, so it seems fitting that we now have three tenants of French origin – Pitchoun, Please Do Not Enter and Crepe Xpress. Please Do Not Enter is a progressive men’s luxury retail store which carries an eclectic array of exclusive, carefully selected and timeless contemporary goods.

As stewards of a beautiful and historic campus, we believe we have a responsibility to not just maintain PacMutual, but to do everything we can to care for it, to improve it and to bring it’s beauty to light.


“Vegetation in cities helps regulate air temperature and combats air pollution by trapping particles on leaves. It also reduces local flooding by absorbing rainwater, both at root level and by holding it in the canopy of foliage, while planted areas are known to increase local biodiversity.” The Telegraph 12/4/2014


During the entire process of creating and construction our live green wall, our team worked closely with LiveWall and their grower, El Nativo, to select a palette of plants that could tolerate the horticultural conditions provided by the planters. these conditions include shallow soil depth, limited light levels and high wind exposure. We selected a mix of plants that provide year-round interest, with contrasting foliage colors and textures. We are most excited about how the plants will mature and believe many of the plants will provide colorful seasonal flower displays.

Our wall is filled with following plants and flowers:
Aeonium arboreum ‘Tip Top’ (Dwarf Tree Aeonium)
Carex oshimensis (Variegated Japanese Sedge)
Geranium biokovo (Perennial Geranium)
Artemisia pycnocephala ‘David’s Choice’ (Coastal Sagewort)
Heuchera maxima (Island Alum Root)(this is a native California plant)
Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’ (Plum Pudding Coral Bells)
Liriope ‘Silver Dragon’ (Variegated Lily Turf)

We are excited to present our live green wall and our new tenants to the community in DTLA. It is an exciting time here in the heart of Los Angeles and we hope you’ll visit PacMutual.

Kenzie Gallagher